Andrew Lock is a maverick marketer who presents the #1
WebTV show for Entrepreneurs: ‘Help! My Business Sucks!’
The free, weekly show provides plenty of practical marketing tips,
big lessons from well known brands, and lots of little known resources that small business
owners can use to increase their profits fast.
With an irreverent, entertaining, and humorous style, the show has become more
popular than a supermodel at a Catholic boarding school. Actually, it’s the #1 most
popular marketing WebTV show in the Apple iTunes store, beating well known ‘traditional
business training’ competitors like Harvard Business Review, Advertising
Age, and Business Week.
Andrew is on a mission to expose traditional marketing techniques as outdated and
ineffective. You’ll discover much better ways of promoting your business, to make it
stand out from the crowd. You’ll also discover that ‘marketing is everything and
everything is marketing’ – a phrase that you’ll hear a lot from Andrew.
Andrew’s Story
It all started with potatoes…
As a kid, Andrew challenged every ‘normal’ way of making money that was accepted
by all the other kids. While most school age youths were doing a paper round to earn
some pocket money, Andrew hated getting up early in the morning so that didn’t seem
like a good idea. Besides, he was never one to blindly ‘follow the crowd’ and he knew
he could do better, regardless of his young age and inexperience.
One day while traveling on a bus, he overheard some old people complain to each
other about not being able to carry bags of potatoes home from the store, and that
sparked an idea to create a potato round.
Andrew found a farm that was willing to supply sacks of potatoes and had his parents
drive him over to collect them. He then divided the potatoes into small ‘retail’ bags and
went from door to door, quickly establishing a little business that earned him 18-20
times more than his school friends were making with their paper rounds, AND he was
able to do it after school, not at 5:00am in the freezing cold of the British winters.
Andrew comments, “I had no interest in potatoes, but the money was hard to pass
up. Actually, I got a lot of satisfaction from helping many people who couldn’t get out
of the house. They really appreciated the service and would frequently pay me more
than the asking price. I realized at that point, that within reason, price sometimes isn’t
an issue. If demand is high and there’s no competition, price is often taken out of the
equation. That was one of my earliest marketing lessons at a time when I didn’t even
know what marketing was!”
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