Andrea Warkentin has been a real estate investor for the past 5
years in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Andrea specializes in purchasing
distressed properties and lease-optioning houses to
people who don’t qualify for a mortgage. Andrea purchases 2 to 3
properties a month using the Agreement For Sale method of purchasing homes. Andrea
has transacted more than four million dollars in residential real estate deals.
Andrea believes that educating yourself about investing in real estate is important before
jumping in, and continues to attend real estate seminars and belongs to monthly real
estate networking groups. Andrea is active in her community thru’ volunteer work, and a
member of her local Chamber of Commerce.
Spending time with family is important to Andrea who believes that a business owner
should work smarter, not harder and leverage other people’s time to free up your own.
Andrea currently has one full time personal assistant, and one part time sales manager
to help with her business.
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