Anastasia Pryanikova, M.A., J.D. is the founder of E-Studio, LLC, a coaching, training and consulting company that translates neuroscience and media psychology insights into tools and solutions in the areas of communication, conflict management, public speaking, presenting, and trans-media storytelling. She is
a co-founder of Bookphoria, a distance-learning platform that enables authors to turn their books into interactive and engaging online courses and grow their information business and communities of practice.
From a linguist exploring the language of advertising, to a corporate lawyer working internationally, to a U.S. Small Business Administration attorney-advisor counseling small business leaders, Anastasia has been in the business of “changing people’s minds” to facilitate high-stake conversations and decisions across borders, cultures, and industries.
Anastasia is a speaker and a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, trained by Craig Valentine, World Champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International. She helps business leaders step into the spotlight and create greater impact, connection and action through public speaking. As a self-proclaimed tech-geek, Anastasia also explores how technology and social media can boost influence, visibility and strengthen human connection. She helps business leaders find their virtual voice and develop brain-captivating content for various trans-media channels: videos, webinars, information products, social media and e-learning.
Anastasia shares her tips on brain-friendly public speaking and presenting under pressure and in the spotlight at: