Amy Wunsch, MSPT is part of the founding team of Results
Physical Therapy, a division of Results Fitness. Amy received two
Masters Degrees in Clinical Science and Physical Therapy from
Ithaca College where she was a captain of the New York State
Champion Women’s Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field teams
and a member of the NCAA Finalist Women’s Soccer Team. She is licensed in the
state of California and is a proud member of the American Physical Therapy Association
with special interests in orthopedic rehabilitation and sport rehabilitation. Amy
has experience working with recreational, professional and Olympic athletes, stuntpeople,
celebrities, Cirque du Soleil performers as well as patients with orthopedic,
lymph edema, cardiac, post-surgical and neurologic conditions ranging from 7 weeks
to 94 years of age.
Dedicated to excellence and continuing education, Amy has received her certification
in Functional Movement Systems I and II, Selective Functional Movement Assessment
and has participated in many conferences around the United States. Amy has been
featured in Women’s Health Magazine, Experience Life Magazine and has given many
lectures to the medical and patient community.
Results Physical Therapy exists to make a difference in the local and global communities
through supplying the highest quality of care and educational opportunities.
Amy Wunsch, MSPT and the Results Team are focused reaching patient goals,
exceeding expectations and realizing their patient’s full potential.
Tel: 661-799-7900