Amy Remmele, owner of Peak of Success, is known as the Psych-cess coach, because she balances sound Psychological lessons with business success principles. As a coach, Amy works with women who are in difficult or challenging relationships, with professionals who want to stand out and make a mark, and with couples. As a consultant, trainer and speaker, Amy works with business owners who want all of their relation-SHIPs to be smooth sailing and who want everyone in the organization to internalize the company’s sales and marketing strategies to create the best image. After years of counseling and coaching people in their personal and professional lives, Amy knows that great communication creates unsinkable relation-SHIPs and is the foundational skill for all of life’s successes.

In her book, Chief Life Officer: Your Life Is The Most Important Business You’ll Ever Own (CLO), Amy uses business as a metaphor of life, outlining people’s inner “departments” and how they function best through an authentic, shared mission. From mapping out a “business plan” and goals for life, through communication and relationship creation, to maintaining and accessing support systems, CLO enables the reader to ask, and answer, life’s vital questions. Amy also co-authored, with Dr. Kent Bath, the book, Re-Phrase It: Adding Empathy and Emotional Intelligence to Your Everyday Life, and the relationship workbook, Empathy, Communication and Conflict Resolution Home Study Program.

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