Amy Dawidowicz is an entrepreneur and lifestyle catalyst. As a professional business and life coach, her work involves one- on-one coaching, innovative group programs, and motivational speaking. With years of experience, Amy guides committed individuals, courageous entrepreneurs, CEOs and high achievers
into the fulfillment of ideal personal, professional and financial goals.
The road to achievement is about taking chances, and Amy knows this first hand. She is often quoted as saying, “I take a leap of faith and grow wings on the way down.” One of the ways Amy helps people with their growth is by discerning the strategies of her clients, thereby generating more success in their business. The tools she has discovered along the way allowed her to triple her income in just three months, and that power allows her to shares these strategies with clients.
With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Education, Amy has become an authority of many modalities. By combining an IPEC Coaching certification, 17 years of energy medicine and Reiki mastery with 200+ hours of yoga certifications—not to mention 8 years as a successful entrepreneur, Amy has quickly evolved into The Spiritual Entrepreneur.
As a gifted storyteller with years of relatable experience, Amy’s mission is to inspire entrepreneurs. She does just that by traveling from conference rooms to festival stages, with an approach centered on the philosophy of sharing—not selling. Her authentic approach and unique story quickly gains the hearts of her audiences.
Whether on stage, one-on-one, or by keystroke, Amy acts as a catalyst for others success by igniting audiences with a keen perception that allows her clients to engage on a visceral level, and creating a bond that propels them on a path of prosperous accomplishment.
Inspired by enlightened individuals like colleagues Maribel Jiminez, David Neagle, Ted McGrath and Sheevaun Moran, Amy thrives on motivating others to facilitate the discovery of one’s self so their story will draw the perfect clientele.
You can connect with Amy Dawidowicz at: [email protected], via Facebook at:, or tweet to her at: