Alex Wathen, Esq. helps failing businesses and individuals turn
their finances around. He is also a prolific blogger who reports
on celebrity bankruptcies and other issues of public importance.
He has been featured on CNN, FOX, CBS, and ABC as
well as major daily newspapers such as the Houston Chronicle
and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Alex has a bankruptcy blog
on and he is a Top 10 Blogger with the National Bankruptcy Forum.
Texas Lawyer Magazine has named him Appellate Lawyer of the Week.
As a business consultant, Alex works primarily on marketing and efficiency of operations.
He also helps with public and governmental relations for businesses. Twenty-first
century technology is the centerpiece of these strategies. He helps businesses develop
their online footprint and dominate the web.
Alex Wathen is a Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney serving clients throughout the United
States. He is based in Texas with offices in Austin, Round Rock, Houston, Dallas, and San
Antonio as well as satellite locations in rural and other under-served areas. His Bankruptcy
Law practice serves individuals and businesses in bankruptcies under Chapters 7, 11, 12,
and 13. He focuses on solving his client’s liquidity problems and reorganizing to relieve
their financial distress. Alex represents a wide variety of clients. He has distinguished himself
by reorganizing construction companies, home builders, retailers, real estate investors,
trucking businesses, landlords, and food service businesses. He is also known for representing
family farmers in Chapter 12 and by having a nationwide appellate practice before
a number of federal appeals courts and the United States Supreme Court.
His notable cases include watershed cases on a utility service in bankruptcy, employment
non-discrimination rights of bankruptcy debtors, fighting racial discrimination in jury
selection, fighting back against racial profiling, and preventing religious discrimination by
the federal government. Alex has the honor of being regularly appointed by federal appellate
courts to represent indigent people, pro bono, in meritorious civil cases.
Alex, having practiced law since 1998, has been active in bar associations and is a
frequent speaker at continuing legal education seminars. He is Board Certified in Consumer
Bankruptcy Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization where he also serves
on the Bankruptcy Exam Commission. Additionally, he is the leading authority on appeals
from Texas municipal courts of record.
Alex earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Minnesota. He received his
Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California, and his Masters Degree
in Information Science from the University of North Texas. He comes from a family of
Catholic, Kentucky bourbon makers and some of his relatives still make Wathen’s Kentucky
Bourbon in Owensboro, Kentucky.
Alex can be reached at: (888) 305-1919 and at: