Alex Romp is the President of Artech Solutions, Inc., an
IT consulting firm located in West Des Moines, Iowa,
that helps local businesses solve IT challenges and
make their infrastructure support their businesses. Like
many other Managed Service Providers, Artech began
as a simple break-fix company, but Alex quickly realized how the Managed
Service model was the future because of the great benefits it provided to
his clients.
Artech’s focus is primarily on managed IT services and network consulting.
It has always been a service company first and foremost, and didn’t push
product sales to its clients unless it was something that would benefit the
client. Alex puts his customers and employees first and he teaches his
employees that customer service is the primary function of their jobs. Too
often IT people are seen as arrogant individuals who talk down to nontechnical
people. Alex reminds them that the clients they’re serving are
probably a lot better at what they do than the technical person would be.
Alex has been working on networks since he was 11 years old – where he
taught himself how networks run while he helped his father’s accounting
business manage their Novell NetWare system. He helped his high school and
many other businesses enter the age of the Internet over the past 25 years.
Prior to Artech, Alex was the youngest Network Engineer at his previous
job from the day he started until the day he left. He spent several years in
that company and quickly climbed the ranks to become the Senior Network
Engineer and the service department manager. In that position he learned
a lot about businesses and technology and eventually left to start his own
company in 2002.
Alex is driven to solve any problem that comes his way and has a passion
for teaching others how to use technology to advance their businesses.
With a family background in accounting, he understands the language of
business and the numbers that drive it. He can help make your business
IT infrastructure into the asset it’s meant to be, instead of just another cost
Away from the office, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and children.
He often spends weekends working with the animals on their family farm
or working on some other project that life on a small farm requires, from
updating the electric in the barn to fixing fences. Alex likes sharing his
passion for the outdoors with his family as well as his hobbies like camping,
hiking and photography.
You can connect with Alex at:
[email protected]