Alec Day, is the co-founder of Claim the Web, INC, a leading e-commerce solutions provider. The Claim the Web group of companies own and operate several successful online properties that generate millions of dollars a year in revenue. Alec’s extensive background in marketing and advertising brought huge success to the table when he and co-founder Mark Ryan started Claim the Web in 2001 as some of the internet’s pioneers in online commerce. Still a pivotal force behind the software, Alec spends much of his time today driving huge growth in his own online properties; he also travels the country training and speaking to groups from around the world on how to make money on the internet. Alec enjoys spending time outdoors in his hometown of Ogden, Utah; his hobbies include traveling and starting and nurturing businesses. He resides in Ogden with his lovely wife Krystal and newborn son AJ.