Adam Briley is a real estate agent and team leader at Prudential
Ambassador Real Estate in Omaha, Nebraska. In his second
year of college he took an entrepreneurship class and decided
he would take a break from classes and focus on real estate.
In 2006 he started the Briley’s Home Selling Team, which now
employs seven full-time real estate agents and has sold more than 700 homes. Adam
is committed to bringing leading-edge real estate technology and marketing techniques
to the Midwest. He has built relationships with top agents across the country
to share ideas and strategies about what’s working most effectively in their markets.
Adam’s team’s mission statement is, “We believe that we have the ability to change
someone’s life through helping them buy or sell a home.” Adam is passionate about
helping others through real estate and volunteering in his community. For more information
on Adam and his team, visit