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Andrew Bauta

This is a zero-to-hero presentation on the technology that powers ChatGPT: Generative Large Language Models (or GLLMs). GLLMs are a type of deep learning system, which constitute the next generation of artificial intelligence. The presentation provides a framework for understanding GLLM capabilities and use cases. This includes everything from AI-powered tactical empathy to new classes of distributed crimes.

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Barbara Paluszkiewicz

Special Bonus Offer – Free I.T. Buyers Guide!

Spend less time fighting with the technology used in your business and spend more time growing your business. It’s time to get your IT on track and it all starts with great I.T. decisions. Make sure yours are informed. Our exclusive I.T. Buyers Guide offers: Clarity on sneaky contract clauses. The real scoop on “cost-effective” I.T. Pro tips to safeguard your company’s interests. Download your FREE guide today and be equipped with the knowledge you need:

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Curt Shewell

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As a token of our appreciation for purchasing Empathetic Leadership, we’re thrilled to offer you an exclusive bonus: a complimentary 30-minute video conference call with Curt himself.

During this session, Curt will personally dissect, leverage, and help you build your business strategies. This invaluable opportunity is our gift to you, free of charge!

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Damon Paull

Unlock exclusive insights with your “Damon’s Financial Toolkit” eBook! As a bonus, you’ll receive personalized worksheets to streamline your financial planning. Benefit from advice on navigating life’s toughest financial challenges and make informed decisions on Social Security and Medicare. Download now and take control of your financial destiny!

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Nick Nanton

Nick Nanton’s Story SellingTM Master Class, Limited Time Offer!

A comprehensive guide to crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, spark emotions, and drive conversions.

Remember, your brand’s success story starts with compelling storytelling. Unlock the secrets of StoryTellingTM and revolutionize your marketing approach today!

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Radim Pařik

Free 3-month online negotiation training – you’ll learn to negotiate in everyday situations, manage conflicts, and improve your business, relationships, and life.

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20% discounted price on any negotiation or persuasion training – you’ll undergo an intensive negotiation training lasting over 36 hours, where you’ll learn to negotiate professionally. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification from the Association of Negotiators, significantly increasing your value in business, the market, life, and relationships.

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Rosbel Serrano Torres

Free Bonus Offer! – The B2B Sales Empathy Handbook

Empathy can be equal to revenue; you can amplify your sales team impact following the 3 resources from this handbook: 1 empathy gap analyzer and 2 guides. Unlock the B2B Empathy Handbook: master the art of understanding your customers’ pain points (even if your sales team is being ghosted) to get customers eager to listen to your offer.

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Zack Viscomi

Preview chapters from the soon-to-be-released book “Elevate and Accelerate” The Story Mindset UNLOCKING the Power of Story to Live the Life You Have Always Wanted, Take Your Business to the Next Level, And Have A Greater Impact In The Lives Of Those Around You!