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Lisa Nichols


Lisa Nichols’ exclusive Abundance Checklist. As a thank you for purchasing Against All Odds!, Unlock the secrets to a more abundant life with this powerful tool.

Designed to help you attract and manifest abundance in every area of your life. Download your free checklist NOW at Abundance Now Online and start your journey towards a more prosperous and fulfilling future.

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Dr. Annmarie Waite

Unlock your path to well-being with my exclusive bonus PDF download, “8 Ways to Do Self-Care.” Discover essential tips for physical, emotional, social, and spiritual self-care, designed to enhance your overall happiness and balance.

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Valued at: $49.00 this download includes the option for a free 45-minute clarity call with Dr. Annmarie Waite

Dr. Carolyn Love

For securing your copy today, enjoy this incredible bonus offer as a thank you for purchasing, Against All Odds!

Free Bonus Offer Just for you! Begin your personal journey to unconditional self-love and nurture your self-worth with this comprehensive, transformative tool.

Unlock your potential and elevate your self-love journey with the Greater Self-Love” 30-Day Tracker  FREE TODAY!

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Dr. Crystal Nelson

FREE eBook! A 40-Day Workbook of Simple Exercises, Reflections, and Inspiration to Overcome Stress & Anxiety

Download Your Free eBook: A Blueprint for Better Mental Health

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Valued at: $19.99

Dr. Fred Harvey

The FredTalks™ masterclass series is a forum where you will learn how to shift your view of health and illness from one of victim of symptoms to champion of living to the fullest through alignment of spirit, body and mind so that you can once again thrive in all parts of your life

You will get a Healthy Steps action plan for aligning with a thrival lifestyle, a live training with Dr. Fred, and a coupon to the Healthy Steps Store. You will gain valuable techniques and tools for thrival in every FredTalk™

If you’re ready to take the next step to experience a life of thrival… check out this link to sign up for a masterclass on how taking some healthy steps for you can help you transform your life and learn some simple tools you can use right away to help get you there…AGAINST ALL ODDS!

Valued at: $97

Dr. La Toya Davis-Craig


The Limitations That Keep High-Achieving Black Women From Living Their Best Life,” is a mini-course crafted to help you break free from the unseen barriers to your personal and professional fulfillment. During this course, we’ll embark on an awakening to discover and dissolve the limitations that have held you back. Our approach will be holistic—focusing not just on external success, but on achieving a profound inner alignment and freedom.

Valued at: $377

Dr. Obioma Martin


Unlock your potential with the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Coaching Program! This transformative 14-week course takes you from feeling unseen and unheard to becoming the most powerful version of yourself. Get ready to design the next chapter of your life, filled with power, prosperity, and purpose. You’ve conquered every challenge with style—now it’s time to elevate to the next level and truly BREATHE.

Valued at: $497

Dr. Ora Robinson

Enjoy this FREE Transformative Learning Experience with Dr. Ora.

“Professional Resilience: Self-Regulation as a Form of Self-Care”

In this engaging and insightful slide deck, Dr. Ora delves into the critical role of Emotional Intelligence, specifically self-regulation, as a foundational element of self-care for nurses and individuals working in chaotic environments.

Explore key concepts of wellness, self-care, and the art of harnessing negative thoughts to cultivate resilience. By the end of this presentation, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to create your own Resiliency Plan for Self-Care, empowering you to thrive professionally and personally.

Get Your Free Learning Experience Now!

Joleen Frideres


Free Webinar with Joleen – Heal Our Hurts

Resonate with Joleen in her free webinar on how to heal your hurts. Connect with her and experience deep compassion and unconditional love as she guides you to take your next baby steps toward freedom from past hurts.

This uplifting boost can be life-changing for you.

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Joleen’s Instant Cure for Anxiety

Lower your anxiety in ANY situation with Joleen’s instant cure. This simple, hands-on exercise is incredibly powerful and takes only a few minutes for you to notice a significant shift.

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Free Interactive Meditation

Go from maxed to relaxed with our free interactive meditation. This personally recorded session has helped countless clients overcome panic attacks with ease, even in emergencies where ambulances were involved. By sharing this meditation, you can experience the same calming and comforting guidance that has prevented many from needing hospitalization. Hear my loving, calming voice anytime you’re in need.

Visit: (Password is lewsto)

Valued at: $199

Jude Monteserrato

Free 1 Hour Yoga Webinar with Jude!

Discover simple, effective stretching exercises, and breathing techniques that you can apply instantly, anytime and anywhere—no special equipment required. These techniques are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, giving you the power to calm and rejuvenate your body and mind on demand.

Change your day, Change your life!

1 Hour Yoga with Jude!

Valued at: $97

Kelli Kombat

Coaching has such R.I.C.H. rewards!

Use the link below for a free 30-minute career consultation and get the invaluable opportunity to be considered to be a guest on “Career Kombat”!

Schedule now – FREE 30-Minute Consult

Check out the show here: Career Kombat

Valued at: $175

Kimberly Bussey Lewis

Kimberly Bussey Lewis is an award-winning nonprofit leader, executive coach and owner of Motivational Muse with more than 20 years of experience, with your purchase of Against All Odds you can opt-in to receive a weekly newsletter.

Visit  Motivational Muse  and click on the “Contact Us” button on the lower right side of the page use the code “Bonus” in the message block to receive your weekly newsletter.

Kristina Saelee

FREE Bonus Offers!

Bonus #1 is a must-have for any parent looking to support their teenager’s mental health.

“10 Ways to Distinguish Between Typical Teenage Behavior and Teen Depression” is a valuable resource for parents struggling to understand their teen’s behavior. This bonus offer provides practical tips and insights on how to differentiate between normal teenage mood swings and potential signs of depression.

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Bonus #2 is a powerful tool that will benefit any family facing the challenges of teen depression.

Unlock the tools you need to support your teen with “The Power Of Everyday Grace Workbook.” Designed for parents navigating the complexities of teen depression, this interactive workbook provides exercises and guidance to foster emotional resilience and strengthen parent-teen relationships. This comprehensive resource is a transformative aid for families facing the challenges of teen depression.

Get Bonus #2 Today!

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Bonus #3 – “Kick Your Teens Depression to the Curb” with this Free Complimentary Session

Take a proactive step towards your teen’s well-being with this complimentary session of “Kick Your Teen’s Depression to the Curb.” Exclusively available with the purchase of “Against All Odds: Stories of Hope, Resilience, and Triumph”, this session offers personalized strategies and support to help parents tackle teen depression effectively.

This session provides essential, tailored assistance for your family’s unique needs.

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Valued at: $200

Lisa Morgan

Contact Lisa for one of the following exclusive bonus offers:

  1. Complimentary Clarity Call
    A one-hour discovery call to explore:

    • Your dreams and desires for your future
    • Identify key challenges or obstacles
    • Clarify two top goals to prioritize for the next six months
    • Create a roadmap for the next best steps to get started right away

Valued at: $250.00

  1. “Money Map Mastery” Session

A comprehensive session to explore the five categories of money and the beliefs/emotions attached to each. You will:

    • Experience moments of clarity
    • Complete your unique “Money Map”
    • Receive a personalized “Tapping Guide” to clear the blocks uncovered during the session

Valued at: $400.00

Contact Lisa at [email protected] to claim your bonus.

Nick Nanton

Nick Nanton’s Story SellingTM Master Class, Limited Time Offer!

A comprehensive guide to crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, spark emotions, and drive conversions.

Remember, your brand’s success story starts with compelling storytelling. Unlock the secrets of StoryTellingTM and revolutionize your marketing approach today!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to transform your business with the art of storytelling.

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Shonda Smith

Discover the power of visualization with our step-by-step guide on creating a vision board designed for you and a young girl you know. Enjoy this exclusive, complimentary eBook: How to Create a Vision Board for You and Your Little Queen!” It’s filled with creative ideas, practical tips, and inspirational examples to help both of you set and achieve your goals.

Whether it’s dreaming big or focusing on personal growth, this activity fosters bonding and empowers both of you to visualize and work towards your dreams.

Get these Invaluable insights into how visualization can positively impact your mindset and motivation HERE