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Bill Kustka, CPA – “How To Get Colleges To Offer Your Student FREE Money!” – Total Value: $100
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Andre Voskuil – “15 Must Ask Questions to Qualify an Investment” – Total Value: $197
Everyone qualifies an opportunity before making an actual investment. Sometimes decisions are made within a split second, others require a 6 month Due Diligence process. Often times people regret investment decisions and in hindsight realize they should have asked more and better questions (see my Chapter 22 in “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need” at www.DutchOracle.com). This checklist is geared towards private equity and alternative investments, but useful in almost any investment qualification.
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Christine Rae, President and CEO of CSP – “16 Tips for Business Success and Bonus Chapter from the Best Selling Book Trendsetters
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May Bagnell
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