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Teri Cox

Teri Cox- President of Cox Communications

Free special report on your Guide to practices in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Nikki Buckstead

Nikki Buckstead, Founder and Owner, Transformative Coaching & Consulting Services
Life Coach, Workplace Wellness Leader, Speaker and Author

Bonus One: Learn to Meditate Audio Instruction program. If you have experienced stress, struggled with meditation, or are even have a regular mediation practice, this audio program is for you! (Value: $47)

Bonus Two: Cultivating Your Self-Care Plan e-Workbook developed by me. (Valued at $29)

Paula Black

One of the World’s Leading Business Development Coaches and Bestselling Author —Total Value: $319

Bonus One: Access to an E-Book version of Paula Black's Amazon bestselling book: A Lawyer’s Guide to Creating a Marketing Habit in 21 Days. You don’t have to be a lawyer to get great value out of this book. It will help you create a marketing habit that will grow your business and personal brand. (use image attached) 

You will learn: 
  1. The value of nurturing client relationships with small gestures.
  2. Secrets to building a referral base.
  3. How to set marketing goals you can realistically achieve.
  4. How to make sense of joining organizations.
  5. Rules for turning your bio into a marketing tool.

Day-by-day steps include a thought, action and tip that will help you not only write a strategic plan, but also show you how to target new business, revise your own materials and pay attention to the minor details that foster major growth. Both new and seasoned professionals will be inspired to DO SOMETHING EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Bonus Two: A very special opportunity. A complimentary 30 minute coaching call with Paula Black—to help you create a life, not just a living.

Karine Einang

A Free workbook from me to you: How to Make Your Fears Become our Best Allies.

It's often our fears that stop us from claiming our dream career. Find out how to overcome fears and make them allies instead, with this free workbook!

Terri Matthews 

Answer the 14 questions to:

  • Avoid The Entrepreneurial Pitfalls!
  • Learn how to build a business that lasts!
  • Make money and have fun doing it!

Special Report from Brian Tracy

Want more free time, more money and more enjoyment in your life? You can have it – using legendary author and Best-Selling Author Brian Tracy’s proven formula, and he’s going to give it to you just for buying my book!

Nick Nanton, The Celebrity Lawyer - "Cracking The Celebrity Code" - Total Value: $197.00

Access to Nick Nanton's famous "Cracking the Celebrity Code" presentation, complete with audio and transcripts

Lindsay Dicks - "The 15 Things Your Website MUST Have To Make Money In The World of Social Media"

You'll get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a video recording of a presentation by Nick Nanton and Lindsay Dicks talking about the 15 Things That Your Website Must Have to Make You Money...

Bill Kustka, CPA - "How To Get Colleges To Offer Your Student FREE Money!" - Total Value: $100

Bonus 1: Send us last years Tax Return for a FREE Evaluation for any personal or business return.

Bonus 2: How to Get Colleges To Offer Your Student FREE Money!! (download)

Andre Voskuil - "15 Must Ask Questions to Qualify an Investment" - Total Value: $197

Everyone qualifies an opportunity before making an actual investment. Sometimes decisions are made within a split second, others require a 6 month Due Diligence process. Often times people regret investment decisions and in hindsight realize they should have asked more and better questions (see my Chapter 22 in "The Only Business Book You'll Ever Need" at This checklist is geared towards private equity and alternative investments, but useful in almost any investment qualification.

Christine Rae, President and CEO of CSP - "16 Tips for Business Success and Bonus Chapter from the Best Selling Book Trendsetters"