Vivian Bernardo is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for helping others live their absolute fullest – personally, physically and fiscally. She is a personal empowerment advocate with a “can-do” attitude. Her mission in life is to contribute to the growth and positive transformation of as many people as possible who are caught between their dream and their day job.

She left her 15-year career in corporate America to pursue her passion. She has transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship in the field of network and internet marketing. She is committed to empower as many lives as possible by sharing her knowledge and experience. She is driven by the fact that she succeeds by helping others succeed.

As an Ambassador to the Millionaire Mind Training Program, she has helped hundreds in developing a winning mindset. As a coach in her industry, she strives daily to educate others on the mindset and the system which has helped millions catapult their businesses to the next level.

Vivian is an active member of Women on Point, a women’s networking group based in Orange County, CA helping woman achieve their goals, personally and professionally.

Her long term vision is to help millions achieve personal empowerment, optimum health and financial independence, hence, the ability to fully experience life.

Vivian enjoys reading self development books, spending time with her family, running, hiking and traveling. She currently resides in CA with her fiancé, Waldemar (aka Val) and their 2 dogs, Chase and Zoe.

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