Steve Jurich is an in-demand Retirement Coach and Wealth Manager known for innovative retirement planning solutions for affluent retirees. As a Consumer Advocate and editor of™, Steve has made appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, and spoke recently at a Southwestern financial conference with Ron Insana of CNBC. He is the author of a new book released on Smart Is The New Rich, and host of Journey To Wealth on Money Radio in Phoenix.
Clients turn to Steve for generating secure predictable income, cutting taxes, protecting assets from frivolous lawsuits, and simplifying retirement decisions. Using his unique system known as the IQ Wealth Strategy, Steve creates efficient retirement portfolios with a combination of principal protected annuities and special forms of life insurance. The result is more cash flow with fewer dollars. Clients include physicians, engineers, teachers, and business owners. His expertise in pension planning and tax deductible retirement plans can be found at