Since founding Fengshui Innovations, Master Siou-Foon Lee has
risen to become an expert of authentic, classical Fengshui and
Chinese astrology. A seminar leader, she is also a public speaker
having spoken in Germany, Australia, India and Malaysia. Leaving
her education profession behind, Siou Foon first chose to train with
Master Zheng Hao of Chi Healing College and went on to teach Chinese acupressure
at the Australian College of Natural Therapies, Broadway. She also appeared on SBS
as a Chinese massage therapist. Siou Foon first studied traditional Chinese Fengshui
and continued extensive studies, training with traditional masters.
She completed her mastery training, where she was named best student. Siou Foon
also won another prestigious honor that boosted her respected international reputation
when her peers selected her as the most helpful student. As she began to
practice Fengshui, she saw remarkable results in her clients’ lives. Her own Fengshui
business grew so rapidly that she was forced to make a choice between lecturing and
consulting. She followed her passion for Chinese metaphysics dedicating her time to
her passion for an ancient art form. Her choice of a career in Chinese metaphysics
paid off when she subsequently became a professional trainer.
She has hosted numerous seminars for the principals, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai
and Joey Yap, contributing further to the spread of classical Fengshui. She was chosen
to speak in Germany at the First World Classical Fengshui Conference. She is
recognized for pioneering classical Fengshui and Chinese astrology in Australia. Siou
Foon introduced the subject to TV viewers and has actively participated in festivals
and shows popularizing the ancient tradition. She has gained extensive exposure in
the media over the years.
Siou Foon travels in Australia, the U.S., India, England, Singapore and Malaysia both
as a consultant and a trainer. This is where Siou Foon shares her values, integrity and
dedication to the ancient art as practiced by traditional masters. A firm believer that
“learning is a lifelong journey,” she travels and continues her passion for Chinese
metaphysics, seeking out highly qualified but low-profile masters from a long impressive
lineage. She has been very fortunate to be able to advance and seek more
truths in such a complex environment. The first step taken on this journey of attaining
mastery has never stopped.