When it comes to combining the cutting-edge marketing
techniques of today’s technology with high-level car sales
expertise, few have been as successful as Shereef Moawad,
owner of and
After serving America in the U.S. Marine Corps, Shereef took a
few business and computer courses at St. Petersburg College, then decided to get the
rest of his education where it counted—in the business world. After successful stints
at Ford and Nissan dealerships, where he won high honors for his sales management
abilities, Shereef ran his own car broker and dealer consulting business, where
he assisted auto businesses in creating and optimizing their initial online sales
systems. Because of his experience and expertise, he was offered general sales
manager position at a Mercedes-Benz dealership, where he created their business
development center and also tripled their sales numbers.
From there, he went to work as general sales manager at Ferman BMW/Mini, where
he also spurred astonishing sales growth with his innovative technology initiatives.
Among his profitable advances at Ferman: developing a BDC to effectively manage
incoming queries for sales and service, using other online sites such as eBay to take
advantage of consumers’ increasing usage of the internet, adding live chat support
to Ferman websites to increase leads and provide 24/7 customer service, applying
SEO techniques to increase website traffic, managing new and used inventories, and
developing and implementing a daily sales training plan to improve sales processes
and product knowledge. The results of his efforts was an increase in pre-owned sales
by 105 percent, new sales by 45 percent, and an overall increased front-and-back
gross profit annually of 52 percent—all of which culminated in the dealership being
awarded BMW’s highest honor of Center of Excellence.
In 2009, Shereef again went out on his own to work full time on,
the side business he had founded with his wife three years earlier and had grown
so fast that it required 100 percent of his attention. is designed to
help dealers sell more vehicles by converting more website visitors into quality leads.
Using the most up-to-date live chat software and a proven proactive chat process,’s car dealer clients have seen online sales improve markedly with
Shereef’s service. CarChat24’s success has led Shereef to create a similar service,, to provide software and service support for any business vertical.
Shereef has two children: Jessica, 23 and Max, 19. He and his wife, Patricia, who
continue to innovate in the field of internet and automotive process building, attend
Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater, Florida. They enjoy boating, spending family
time together, and, of course, cars. Shereef is also a member of the Automotive
Dealers Network, Automotive Industry Professionals, the Automotive Website
Marketing Group, Dealer Elite, Digital Car Dealers, the Interactive and Digital Media
Group, Internet Sales Pros, Christian Professionals Worldwide, and the Semper Fi
Network for U.S. Marine Corps Veterans.