Shawn W. O’Neill helps people create the life they truly
want. Being bought up around a family that enjoyed
working to live, not living to work, he naturally gravitated
to helping others live out their perfect life. This has
led him to seek out the knowledge and experience to
become a strategic advisor and real estate expert, fulfilling living his life
by design. He has launched Jacksonville Expert Home Advisors (JEHA) to
facilitate an environment to allow others to live life to their fullest.
Shawn has been a leader in real estate over the last 12 years. He started
an independent Real Estate Company and grew it to over 3 offices, and one
of the top in market share – before selling out to spend more time with his
family and their newly-born daughter.
Shawn was always intrigued by disruptive technology and knew the Internet
would change the face of real estate. He joined a publicly-traded real estate
and technology company, Zip Realty, as their regional director – leading their
start-up efforts in Northeast Florida. Under his tenure, the office grew to
the No. 1 office in buyer-side transactions in the region, while creating an
outstanding culture of accountability and fun. He was named Director of the
Year for Zip Realty. He loved “winning” while the rest of the industry was
scrambling to figure out how to harness the power of the Internet to create
a successful company.
Shawn O’Neill knew that his time at Zip Realty was invaluable, but he
dreamed of providing real estate professionals with the time and money to
live a better life, and creating an amazing experience for their clients with
their proven and repeatable systems—whether it was by selling a home on
time for more money, finding the best home or getting it for the best price,
all with the least amount of stress.
Shawn founded the Lead Team at Exit Real Estate Gallery. This team became
the No.1 team, according to the 2013 Wall Street Journal/Real Trends reports
in Florida with 394 transactions. But he knew that even though they were
the No. 1 team in Florida, they were not living up to the vision he had for his
top real estate team. So, he teamed up with National Association of Expert
Advisors, rebuilding his team from the ground up. He has grown from an
Elite member, to a Mastermind Member and a Strategic Advisor and coach
for their other members.
Shawn O’Neill graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree
in Accounting with emphasis in Management Information Systems. His
education, as well as Audit and Computer Consulting work at Deloitte and
Computer Sciences Corporation, were the perfect combination to lead two
start-up real estate companies.
When Shawn is not leading his teammates, or coaching his clients, he enjoys
spending time with his wife Tracey, children Addison and Chase on the beach
at St. Augustine, or on one of Jacksonville’s 300 miles of navigable rivers.
He can be reached at :
[email protected]
@ShawnWONeill on Twitter