Sally Dietterle is the owner of StreetHawk Express, a
local cartage company that delivers commercial goods
around the lower mainland of BC. She is responsible
for the livelihood of around 25 people in her employ.
Although she prefers to be trekking across a foreign
country or hanging out on her boyfriend’s boat in Florida, she has her roots
set down in beautiful Langley, BC Canada. She is currently living alone for
the first time in her life and arrives home every day with gratitude that her
house stayed clean all day while she was away. When she’s not out delivering
cold lemonade or fresh baked cookies to her customers, she keeps busy by
bossing people around at the office, especially her two middle children who
both work full-time with her at StreetHawk.
Sally is a grandmother to two of the cutest little boys in the world, and
although people often mistake her for the boys’ mother, she flashes her
grandmother badge with honour whenever possible. She considers herself
blessed to live near all four of her children and can often be found spending
leisure time with them. She practices hot yoga almost daily in the hope that
she will be able to stay active for many years, and one day is able to hike
some of the world’s greatest hikes with her grandsons.
Writing has been a passion of hers for many years, but was never really
practiced beyond cards and notes to her friends or the annual Christmas letter
about the shenanigans of her crazy household. When she announced that she
intended to walk over 800 km in 31 days on the Camino de Santiago, Spain
in 2013, her friends and family encouraged her to keep a blog of her journey.
She reluctantly did just that and her blog of that journey as well as other
musings can be read at Sally
enjoys most of her recent adventures alongside her boyfriend John whom she
met while walking the Camino. They both love international travel and hiking
or just hanging out on the boat in Florida or the Bahamas. Although they live
diagonally across the continent from each other, having monthly adventures
to look forward to adds a lot of excitement to their lives and gives her some
great material to blog about. Both of them being entrepreneurs gives them the
freedom to get away regularly and they wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Sally’s last big adventure was in September 2014 where she travelled first to
Germany with her 81 year old father and two sisters. After visiting western
Germany and meeting members of her dad’s family, they made their way to
France where they met up with John and her sisters husband, Bill, and then
toured the D-Day beaches in Normandy and laid flowers on the grave of four
soldiers who lost their lives and dreams in the hope that the rest of us could
keep ours. Bless their souls…. may we never forget their sacrifice.