Robert H. Sholly is a Nobel Peace Prize Winner (shared with other UN Peacekeepers). Colonel, USA (Ret.) and a Hall of Fame Inductee, U.S. Army Officer Candidate School. He is also a Sports parachutist D-268. Middle East, Africa, South Asia specialist. Speaks five (5) languages. Corporate executive. General Manager
of a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Fortune 500 corporation. National Racquetball champion. President, 8th Infantry Regiment Society. ActiVets Board Member. Best Selling Author. Winner of 21 Literary Awards. VP of Membership, Mid-Pearland Toastmasters. Professional Speaker.
This highly-decorated, distinguished soldier-citizen was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1938. As the first-born of a park ranger and his school teacher wife, Sholly was raised in national parks, lived in tar paper shacks, and was home-schooled. He was then educated in a one-room school house with 12 other students of various ages and grades. During this grade-school education, the only pastimes available were reading the dictionary, the encyclopedia, or playing geographical games on the world map.
Sholly’s high school education required he live with his grandparents in California, a transition from 12 classmates to 3,000. This endeavor prepared him to deal successfully with the many moves his future held.
After high school, Sholly attended Texas A&M University as a member of the ROTC. That part of his education was short lived, and as his old New Mexico rancher stepfather used to say, “He discontinued his matriculation.”
As many young men did, he joined the Army. Advancing through the enlisted ranks to Sergeant, he applied for Officer Candidate School and graduated a Second Lieutenant of Infantry. He later left active duty to return to college. In order to maintain his military affiliation, he joined a local National Guard unit.
During the break in active duty, he got married and enthusiastically took on additional responsibilities. About this time, the Vietnam War became more active. Because of his training and patriotism, he felt compelled to return to active duty with assignment to Vietnam. After his first tour, he obtained Masters degrees in History and English from the University of Texas at El Paso.

At the completion of 35 years of service, he retired a highly-decorated Colonel with a Silver Star and the Defense Superior Service Medal and a graduate of the US Army’s War College.
Using his transferable skills, Sholly entered the corporate world as a consultant, became a project manager, and eventually a general manager. He spent 15 years in corporate life, retiring again in 2006. Unable to “do nothing” Sholly proceeded to fulfill his lifetime passion to write a book: Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors. He is now a best-selling author, an entrepreneur and a professional speaker. The best-selling memoir of his first tour of duty in Vietnam has won 21 awards.
Robert Sholly also enjoys hiking, racquetball, traveling, and mentoring. He shares the knowledge he gained throughout his careers through workshops and public speaking.
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