Peter P. H. Lee is a business entrepreneur and investor.
He began his journey in banking and investment financial
accounting, which has given him extensive knowledge
in financial services. With a strong interest in leveraging
resources, real estate and utilizing proven techniques,
he has gone on to establish several businesses and investments.
Peter is a graduate of the University of British Columbia specializing in
Economics, Finance and Psychology. He currently resides in Vancouver, BC,
and is a devoted husband to his beautiful wife, Cindy and loving father to
his two children. He describes himself as a self-made entrepreneur inspired
by the Great Ones and has created multiple successful ventures from the
ground up.
Peter is also a trusted mortgage expert, and respected for his knowledge
within the financial industry. He is dedicated to simplifying the process of
finding creative solutions to overcome challenges in securing financing.
Peter has exceptional vision in systemizing efficient strategies for his clients
to maximize their opportunities in investing and purchasing of real estate.
He is committed to the goal of building trust and confidence for a lifelong
relationship with his clients.
His purpose is to help inspire and educate millions that to live a life of
financial success, it all starts in the mind. Peter’s success is centered on his
philosophy that, “all things are possible when you believe.”