Peniruth (Peni) Ingram is a Certified Public Accountant
who has 26 years of experience working in
public accounting firms as a senior auditor and tax
expert. She is now using this experience in her own
practice doing audit, accounting and tax preparation.
She recognizes that in this busy world, there
are many business owners who have an expertise in providing goods and
services to their customers, but haven’t the time or ability to maintain their
financial recordkeeping and are looking for solutions. She offers the right
solutions to businesses in need…. And with a smile!
Peniruth (Peni) Ingram earned her degree in Accounting at California State
University, Fullerton, CA. She is a member of the Tennessee Society of Certified
Public Accountants and Board Treasurer of the Greater Cool Springs
Chamber of Commerce, providing complimentary bookkeeping and tax services
for the Chamber.
When she is not crunching numbers, her hobbies include playing Appalachian
Dulcimer folk music and old time string band music with her husband
and friends.
If you need an accountant who cares about your financial well-being, call
Peni Ingram at 615-364-8035.