Peggy A. Lusk, CPA, PMP is a Business Consultant, Financial Coach and Instructor who broke away from Corporate America to create her Life of Abundance. Peggy’s ‘aha moment’ that impelled her to make this break came in 2007. Physically and mentally exhausted from weeks of relentless business travel that left little time for relaxation, joy, or connection with others, she left a high-paying corporate position to create a better life for herself and her family.
In 2010, Peggy bundled up over a decade of corporate and freelance business consulting experience, credentials, and happy client referrals to debut Abundance by Design. She is committed to providing others the knowledge and skills they need to design their own Life of Abundance. Helping clients fill the gaps between their current life and financial circumstances, and guiding them to get where they want to go are always top-of-mind priorities. Men, women, and couples at mid-life, are among her most appreciative and engaged clients.
What sets Peggy apart from other coaches who focus on money and life matters, is that she is truly gifted at customizing workable action plans that clients really can apply to achieve the results they seek – with ease and complete understanding. Peggy has the talent of translating and communicating complex and potentially confusing financial concepts in ways that bring about insight and understanding.
When they come to Peggy’s care, many of her clients are struggling with money myths that are holding their dreams at bay. They are worried and concerned about making ends meet, saving enough money to fund college tuition for their children, and still having enough money remaining to retire and enjoy life. No matter where they stand, she expertly guides appreciative clients to make educated choices about how to wisely invest and align their time, money and values – so they can escape feelings of fear and scarcity – and feel happy and fulfilled.
Peggy also believes that money is just one part of a much bigger life equation:–
How you spend your time to live an abundant life is just as important as how much money is left later. It won’t matter how wealthy you become if you sacrifice your health and personal life to build financial wealth.
As a CPA, Peggy is bound by the highest standards of ethics and client confidentiality. The ultimate result Peggy seeks for every client is that they feel empowered to make smart financial decisions that fuel a vibrant, rich life with all its blessings – for both today and tomorrow.
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