Patti Waterbury is recognized as a thought leader in integrating
business, spiritual and organizational principles. She is a business
owner with international experience as a consultant and executive
coach helping leaders reach their professional and business goals.
Patti quickly recognizes core issues and proposes realistic solutions that can improve
individual and business performance. She provides insight and tools to remove barriers
to profitability.
During her 21 year tenure at Texas Instruments, Patti was recognized as a seasoned
executive coach and master trainer in team development and change management,
certifying trainers globally and leading training in 9 countries. She is well respected for
developing global leadership teams, facilitating strategic projects and developing M&A
integration process and tools.
Patti earned a MS in Organization Development and Change Management from the University
of Texas at Dallas, a BS from West Texas A&M University and a 3 year certificate
from the Issachar School. Patti is featured in Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom, a
fine-art coffee table book that celebrates the courage and strength of 40 female entrepreneurs
from across the country who overcame difficult circumstances and went on to
achieve great personal and professional success.
To connect with Patti:
(214) 289-0125
(919) 886-4007
[email protected]