Patricia Tello was born in Lima, Peru, her father a Pediatrician, and her mother a businesswoman. Her childhood was very family-oriented; she was also raised with a very strong approach to natural and alternative medicine, which is strong in the ancient Incas culture.
At age 18 she married and moved to Venezuela where she lived for the next 6 years, in Venezuela she finished her English studies at the University of Carabobo. She was dedicated to her family, but always with the idea of maintaining balance by starting with the family. She returned to Lima for three more years and began her search in creativity, she joined an Art institute, but realized that creativity is important in life and that it could be done from a different approach.
Due to her husband’s job, they were relocated to the United States, settling in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. She continued to dedicate herself to her family while she reached a very important position within the Hispanic community by writing motivational articles for the Washington Hispanic newspaper since 1999. She started working with the Hispanic community in the Washington, DC area giving tips of empowerment for the community to “Do it Yourself” and encouraging them on how to be healthy, live more organized and giving different ways to grow as an individual and as a community.
In 2005, she began a Radio show called Revista Latina with all types of tips about good nutrition, organization, and health improvement. She then became a producer of the project that soon was a TV show through a very prestigious Hispanic Network (Univision) with one-minute videos of practical tips for everyday living. During this time she was also invited to be the Latina presenter for many American cultural events.
While working on TV she became aware of the importance and the influence that TV personalities have on the community, and she realized that she wanted to gain more knowledge and accreditations in order to further motivate and help the people in a more profound way. Patricia’s main goal was to help her community grow in so many aspects; she wanted to be an example of perseverance by proving that if she could, then everybody could do so too.
This is when she began her studies of Natural Medicine in Mexico and immediately enrolled in the university to get her degree of Bachelor in Health Science. Patricia continued her studies and received her Quantum Medicine, PhD Diploma in 2012, turning herself into a strong personality in her new path. She is a very active participant of Quantum Medicine, as a Quantum Activist. During this time she has developed therapy called Quantum Love and is in the process of writing her book Quantum Love, The New Medicine which will soon be published and shared with love for everyone.