An unlikely combination of talents, education, and experience
have led Dr. Miles Bodzin to the success he’s achieved at an early
age in his life. After leaving the study of electrical engineering,
Dr. Bodzin pursued a career as a chiropractor where for nearly
two decades he built a very successful wellness practice. A big
part of his success was the result of developing systems that removed the obstacles
to patient compliance, thus allowing patients the opportunity to get the best results
possible. Ultimately, this led to his understanding of how to build a service business
with extraordinarily high client retention.
He now brings that knowledge to others by helping them build practices and
businesses where their clients become lifetime clients. A big part of this process
is helping doctors of chiropractic free themselves from the shackles of insurance
dependence. Dr. Bodzin teaches a business model that promotes patient compliance
while making care affordable for uninsured and underinsured patients.
Raised in a family where lessons in independence, leadership and creativity were the
daily norms, he was armed with the ingredients for success. His success in private
practice eventually led to the launch of his company Cash Practice® Systems in 2003,
where he now assists other chiropractors to succeed in creating non-insurance
dependent practices.
Dr. Bodzin’s technologies are built on his idea that “if you identify and remove the
situations that cause a client to question whether they should start or continue your
service, they are more likely to start and continue.” His goal is to help his clients
implement systems that neutralize those situations so the customers don’t disappear.
Dr. Bodzin has a unique combination of talents. He’s both analytical and artistic,
giving him unique software development skills. He’s been an entrepreneur his entire
life, where he honed his skills in building teams and leading himself and others to
success. Lastly, he’s a people person, so he understands why people do what they do.
Dr. Bodzin’s clients range from those who are fresh out of school to some of the most
successful practicing chiropractors in the U.S. and from around the world. Dr. Bodzin
studied electrical engineering at San Diego State University, however in his senior year
he realized he wanted to pursue a career in chiropractic. He graduated Cum Laude from
the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1993. In 1995, Dr. Bodzin was honored by the
California Chiropractic Association as Outstanding New Doctor of the Year. Dr. Bodzin has written dozens of articles published in The American Chiropractor,
Chiropractic Economics, The Chiropractic Journal, Spizz Magazine and countless
other newsletters. He’s an international speaker who has educated on the topic of
running a cash-based practice at some of the biggest chiropractic seminars and
state conventions. Dr. Bodzin is interviewed regularly by leaders in the chiropractic
profession who routinely refer their clients to his company.
You can connect with Dr. Miles Bodzin at:
[email protected]