Michael Bubernack has been working in the original family business all his life. Now a proud co-owner (with his wife Fusun), and CEO of ET&T, Inc. from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, the company was formed to provide an alternative for companies to acquire business telephone systems. The Interconnect Industry, as it was known, provided competition to the Bell Systems. ET&T was formed just after the FCC’s Carter-phone Decision (1968), which proclaimed private telephone devices could be hooked up to the public telephone network. Businesses no longer had to rent from the monopoly. ET&T continues to provide “Service You Trust” since 1968.

Mike always enjoyed working with technology and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. Learning machine language and coding on DEC mainframe computers was not what Mike envisioned, but Business Administration and providing solutions to business was more important, and where things really clicked.

The first computer for the business was acquired in 1981. It was nothing like what is provided today. The same goes for the big, heavy and expensive phone systems. Mike’s experience, spanning almost five decades, has resulted in business transformation to the cloud, with computers and telephone systems along with managed services and support. Top of mind is business continuity and secure computing.

In the late 80’s, ET&T competed for and won a State contract away from ‘Ma Bell’ for services on the embedded base of old phone systems. Today, ET&T continues to hold State Contracts for premise-based phone systems and Master IT Contract Services for networking. Over the years, Mike and the ET&T Team have installed and or fixed thousands of networks. Their focus naturally is geared toward service and maintenance of their customer’s technology including telephone and computing systems. For new projects, the company is an independent consulting distributor of technology for business, government and institutional organizations. ET&T, with their team of highly dedicated and trained employees, boasts of their local, long-time customers.

From copper cables for mechanical systems, electronic and then digital phones systems, and 300 Baud to faster-than-lightning Internet connections using fiber optics, highlights Mike’s experience for computing and VOIP. Mike and the company have seen it all the way to the ubiquitous wireless technologies available today. His main belief has always been to keep the network up and running for their customers. It is the reason they’ve been able to stay in business, and will be the basis for their continued success. Customer service is not everything; it is the only thing for their clients.