Marc Alfred, (P.Th.) as Founding Director of The School of Thoughts, is on a mission to bring entrepreneurialism not only to business but also to all areas of society, from education and charity to personal development. Over many years, Marc has shared his strategies from writing for international publications
to being interviewed by the world’s media.
His passion for understanding the mind began while studying counseling for his honors degree in Pastoral Studies and completing his postgraduate in education. Marc went on to be part of a research team at the prestigious Institute of Education and is dedicated to the lifelong research of human behavior.
As now a best-selling author and self-confessed “expert on failure,” Marc’s book Failing To Succeed enables its readers to overcome the fear of failure and answer one of life’s most important questions: “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”
The School of Thoughts also enables businesses in a broad range of industries from entertainment to health to fuse together marketing with social responsibility. This mix of ethical advertising and philanthropy, which Marc has coined ‘Adanthropy’ have mobilized multitudes of volunteers and even gained the support of significant influencers such as Sir Richard Branson. Marc is also one of the very first mentors for start ups to be appointed by Virgin.
As a philanthropist, Marc has pioneered a number of projects—from working with young people in Kosovo after the war to producing media and web-based tools to tackle a range of social challenges, which has twice won him the Barclays New Futures Award.
Marc and his team of Consultant Coaches also enable organizations to apply a range of psychological tools to develop the mindset of its leaders and teams to see new levels of success. One way this has been achieved is by developing global training programs for large multi-national organizations.
As an in-demand keynote speaker and educator, Marc Alfred brings his interactive approach to a range of audiences and has communicated with thousands over the last two decades — from hosting national conferences on human behavior to giving annual lectures at some of the best universities in the world.
You can connect with Marc here: [email protected]