Makarand Utpat is a crossover leader who has gracefully led for- profits and nonprofits. He is credited with expanding competitive positioning and profitability of many organizations by unlocking their digital potential.
Throughout his illustrious career, he has brought the vision, process, leadership, sustainable value growth, and surefire work tools in the fabric of the workplace to rally teams and deliver results. He is driven by integrity and honesty. Per Makarand, instilling a culture of trust, giving ownership and accountability to individuals, treating them with respect, expecting the best out of them, and rewarding and recognizing them, are fundamental building blocks of what brings out the best in individuals.
Widely regarded as a turnaround expert, Makarand gets called in by C-suite executives to envision and execute game-changing turnarounds on in-flight projects, stalled programs, or new initiatives. A proven ability to foster relationships with C-suite executives, knack for connecting with stakeholders, presenting ideas in an engaging manner, driving change, building consensus, achieving fruitful outcomes, coupled with his work ethic and attention to detail is what sets him apart from his peers.
With an ahead-of-the curve affinity for technology, Makarand has masterminded results through strategic outlook, astute problem-solving skills, negotiation, harvesting buy-in from stakeholders, building partnerships at all levels, and fiscal discipline.
To his credit, Makarand has led best-in-class initiatives in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Compliance Solutions, Customer Engagement Media Strategies, eChannels and eMarketing, Mobile and Cloud Solutions, Social Media, Digital Transformations, and Internet Technologies.
Makarand is a published author with articles, blogs, and white papers to his credit. His work on reusable components has been referenced in designing a patent. He also has had the privilege to co-author and share book space with a “Who’s Who” list of CIOs, CEOs such as Facebook CIO Tim Campos, Office of the CIO Dean Lane, and many veteran thought leaders.
Makarand’s passion for giving back through social commitment is rooted in his upbringing where he was routinely exposed to burgeoning poverty, malnutrition, youth challenges, and lack of education. Deeply committed to social causes, Makarand is able to proudly apply his leadership skills to many nonprofits in the form of fostering nonprofit brand growth, steering nonprofits through crisis situations, IT consulting, or
acting as an adviser in the capacity as trustee, on the board of directors, or executive decision-making bodies.
To top it off, the icing on the cake is that, in his spare time, Makarand is a professional musician who plays Indian and Western drums with musical bands and orchestras.
Makarand can be reached at: (201)-819-0894, via email at: makarandutpat@yahoo. com, or visit him at: