Laura Waage is an author, speaker and online entrepreneur
who spent more than a decade as a sales manager, consultant,
trainer and presenter in technology fields. During that time, she
worked with thousands of businesses of varying sizes, helping
them to design better business practices, increase their revenues and create
heightened customer experiences.
In 2009 Laura grew restless with the corporate America environment and leveraged
her extensive business background to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur.
Her background and love for technology led her straight to the world of
Internet marketing, and she hasn’t looked back since.
With a natural gift for teaching and training, Laura has traveled the globe helping
others to identify their passions and to turn them into online profits. She lives by a life
quote from Maya Angelou that says: “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”
Laura openly shares her knowledge and gifts in a quest to empower as many people
as possible to be successful. For reading this book, she has prepared a special
gift for you that can be claimed now by visiting
When not working, Laura enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter, traveling
to foreign countries, and immersing herself in anything Disney.
You can connect with Laura at:
[email protected]