Kip L. Carpenter was born on Kodiak Island, Alaska – before it was part of the United States – an island known for having the most ferocious bears in the world, the Kodiak Brown Bears. Kip’s family left Kodiak just before the Great Alaskan Earthquake, and settled in San Jose, CA. Much later he moved to Southern California.
In elementary school, his parents were getting a divorce and his mother’s anger boiled over onto him, creating a rough home life. In an attempt to gain approval from his Mom at home he turned his punishments into accomplishments; practicing three instruments 45 minutes daily; reading 50 pages a night; practicing sports at school for years. Kip ran away from home entering High School and moved into his Dad’s house, while continuing to excel on his own; the pattern of over-excel (prove your worth) was set in his mind.
Accomplishments included:
• Straight “A’s”
• Playing three instruments
• Speaking five languages
• Tournament fighter and Black Belt in Karate
• Lettering in sports in High School and College.
Every business he joined, he became the leader, achieving #1 whether there were 100 or 350 people there ahead of him. Why is that?
A successful 30+ year career in business has produced: A Top Sales Producer and Sales Manager; conquering tangibles and intangibles. In a key executive position, he helped build a direct sales company to $1 billion in annual sales; he’s served on the Presidents Clubs and Key Clubs of the Top Insurance Companies and Mutual Fund Companies in the world as an annual multi-million dollar producer; and he’s achieved huge success in the retail marketplace.
What can he share with you? Since 2006, he has been building and rebuilding highly effective sales teams, turning GP margins from mid-30s to 50s, with sales volumes jumping immediately 20-40% and sustaining on average 10+% annually. It’s not that the sales teams that he fixed were totally ineffective; after all, they were producing tens of millions of dollars in retail sales annually, but rather they needed a little something extra, that he provided to give them that extra edge.
Kip is also a best-selling author with the best-selling book Stand Apart, which he co- authored with Dan Kennedy.
If all Kip could do for you was methodically improve your sales, your GP’s and your sales teams overall effectiveness, would you be interested?
During his spare time, Kip and his wife Chris, of 29 years, spend time with their four children. Daughter: Graduate, Vanderbilt University; Son: Graduate, USC Business School; Son, Junior, University of Notre Dame; Son: Freshman, Stanford University.
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