Julie Moreland is President of PeopleClues. As President
of PeopleClues, Julie is responsible for leading
the organization to meet global objectives. During the
past 21 years, Julie has become a nationally-respected
authority on practical business applications of assessment
As a high-level manager in a $5 billion, 160-branch division of a Fortune 100
company, Julie gained a perspective on the complex workings of a major
corporation. She then ventured into the challenging world of high tech entrepreneurs
as the CFO of a $4 million start up computer-solutions company.
Julie is the co-developer of several employment assessment products used
by thousands of clients globally. These assessments are used for measuring
job fit, attitude and level of engagement of candidates and employees. These
assessments are built for pre-employment screening, career development,
team development as well as training and development. Julie was recently
successful leading an international team of Psychologists through a 3-year
rigorous review and awarded an industry-coveted certification from the British
Psychological Society for the PeopleClues Assessments. To end-user clients,
this test registration gives peace of mind through the knowledge that
the assessments they are using have been built to quality standards and
have received an internationally recognized “seal of approval.”
Julie holds a bachelors degree in Finance from the University of West Georgia
with a secondary emphasis on Business Information Systems. As a Fellow
of the Workforce Stability Institute, she has written a chapter of their
flagship book, How to Attract, Optimize and Hold your Best Employees. Julie
has recently been selected to co-author the forthcoming book “Women Who
Mean Business” along with other leading women in business from around
the world, to be published by CelebrityPress in June of 2012. Julie is also a
member of the prestigious Women’s President’s Organization, a non-profit
organization of presidents and CEOs of multimillion-dollar businesses.
Julie is currently focused on designing and promoting programs for improving
the “Candidate Experience” and promoting best practices to encourage and assist companies in becoming a “Candidate Champion.” She was
also recently selected as an expert blogger for where her
blogs will be a regular series on Fast Company’s Leadership page.