Jinjie Ramos, J.D. is an internationally-recognized speaker and online business expert who helps mothers across the globe design six-figure online businesses they love, around the ones they love.
After feeling unfulfilled in her private law practice, and guilty for not spending enough quality time with her children, Jinjie decided to find a better way. Her quest to achieve both financial and time freedom led her to online entrepreneurship.
Being raised by an over-worked Mom, and also once being one herself, she understands first-hand the profound emotional turmoil that children of working moms, as well as working mother’s, experience.
As a mother of five children, this is why she is so passionate about teaching other mothers to leverage the power of the Internet to design a meaningful business around their gifts, knowledge, passion, and experiences that will not only give them lifestyle freedom, but also time freedom to spend with their children.
Jinjie’s signature online program, “Millionaire MOMpreneur Master MIND”, offers a comprehensive, step-by-step system. This system guides her clients starting with specific techniques to master the mindset for success, and works with them to cultivate the perfect product or service based on their specific strengths, to attract their ideal customers with their personal branding, and finally create the automated infrastructure so they can profit from their passion 24 hours a day, even while they’re out creating family memories with their kids at the beach.
It is the only program of its kind that is specifically tailored to the needs of the modern mom who wants it all: Lifestyle freedom to give herself and family the best life has to offer, time freedom to spend creating fond memories with her loved ones, and a meaningful business to make the impact she knows she was destined to make in the world.
Jinjie’s mission is to inspire a movement of mothers to use their gifts and talents to build their own dream businesses, rather than using their resources to build someone else’s. Her work has illuminated the idea that with the power of the Internet, women no longer have to choose between having a career or spending time with their families. Working moms can have it all. They can “Go Home and Go BIGGER!”
Jinjie has a business degree in Marketing as well as a law degree from Santa Clara University. She is the CEO of Jinjie Ramos International, an online company specializing in teaching online entrepreneurship, marketing and personal branding, She is the creator of the YouTube channel Jinjie TV, and The Millionaire MOMpreneur Master MIND podcast. Jinjie was selected as one of America’s Premier Experts and has been seen in magazines like Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.
To learn more about Jinjie, you can connect with her at: