Harry ’Tomi Davies (TD) is the CEO of TVC Lab, an African incubator
of technology-enabled businesses. He sits on the boards of Sproxil,
TechnoVision Communications, Strika Entertainment, PeoplePrime
and SMS. He is a senior ICT Executive from a background of FTSE
100 level companies in the U.K., U.S. and Africa. He mentors individuals
and advises organizations globally, blogs and maintains a significant network
of connections, friends and followers on all major social media platforms. TD is a
captivating public speaker whose personal goal is to “maximize the creation of social
and economic value using digital technologies.”
As Head of IT Research, he developed the first ever Marks & Spencer website. As
executive consultant in the eCommerce Practice at Ernst & Young he helped AB&B
HQ Zurich, Switzerland, develop and implement a 106 country e-business strategy.
As strategy director at Sapient, he helped reorganize Siemens HQ Munich, Germany’s
wireless engineering division for UMTS and developed the U.K. government’s awardwinning
DirectGov website for HMG Cabinet Office. As chief operating officer for Alteq.
ict, he was project director for the World Bank’s integrated payroll and personnel
information system six-Ministry pilot project for the federal government of Nigeria.
As chief operating officer of Mobitel, he helped deploy the first 4G mobile broadband
network based on Wimax 16e in Lagos, Nigeria.
A systems analysis graduate from the University of Miami, TD has numerous published
articles on various topics and vast project & operations management experience;
he belongs to various organizations including the Institute of Directors, the
Genesis Project, One Laptop Per Child and the Project Management Institute.