Garrett J. White | The Authentic Entrepreneur ™ | is a passionate, powerful, spiritual Man who’s transformative 10 year journey from broke P.E. teacher to powerful Entrepreneur and thought leader in the world of Spiritual Transformation and Financial Production is nothing short of Inspirational. He has become known as the Guru of Getting Paid To Play.
At the young age of 22 Garrett began his transformational journey from the pit of despair to the peak of possibility. He was divorced, bankrupt and physically recovering from a 2 year battle with cancer and felt completely alone. Later he would say that he had arrived at the primary crossroads of his life. At this crossroad he could see two choices. The choice to live a life of darkness, poverty and mediocrity or the choice to live a life of light, prosperity and greatness. He choose the light.
At the age of 24 Garrett unleashed on the world of Investment Banking and Real Estate Investing. Over the next 6 years Garrett exploded on the world of business becoming a multi-millionaire while building 3 national mortgage companies, an empire in Real Estate, and a professional speaking career traveling, training and connecting with thousands of people around the United States. In his Arrogance he felt he had arrived, how wrong he was.
At the Age of 30 Garrett lost everything. His empire in Mortgages & Real Estate was unable to recover from the impact of the credit crunch and mortgage banking crisis. He was broke, in debt beyond belief and felt yet again completely alone. The pressure of providing for a family and the financial explosion in his personal life created a dynamic tension that drove him to ask questions of himself he had never asked before. Who Am I? What is My Purpose? What do I really Want? These questions led him on a journey of Self discovery that would ultimately liberate and awaken him to a place of wholeness he had never know before. Prosperity Economics.
At the Age of 32 Garrett uncovered the formula of Peace, Power & Productivity in life. Stop doing what you hate and Start doing what you love. This discovery lead to the co-creation of the Freedom Fast Track & Paid To Play Training Process’s. Paid To Play focuses on Awakening, Activating & Accelerating the Business of YOU while Freedom Fast Track focuses on transforming your Potential Into Profit.
At the Age of 34 Garrett has co-authored two highly acclaimed books, The Money Tree™ & The Economics of Soul Purpose™ and is currently co-writing his third book, Game Changers, The new rules of Enlightened Entrepreneurship due out in late fall of 2010. He host’s weekly a TV & Radio Show entitled “Stop Doing What You Hate & Get Paid To Play”. Both shows are committed to Inspire, Liberate and Empower the Modern Male and Female Entrepreneur on the new consciousness of Spirituality & Business.
Garrett and his Goddess of Light Danielle have two brilliant, powerful children of light Parker & Bailee, who bring constant contrast and expansion to his life. He attributes his success in business & life to a passionate purpose driven perspective that he feels is divinely inspired. His ultimate desire? To leave this life being known as the Man who bridged the GAP between the contrasting worlds of Spiritual Transformation and Financial Production.