Dorothy Jantzen is the owner of Flex Your Joy in Pleasanton,
California where she is certified as a Personal Trainer
and Wellness and Nutrition Consultant, and is a Yoga instructor
in training. She specializes in Fitness, Friends and
Fun small group classes, and promotes joy in exercising
and exercising for Joy. She grew up in Canada and has a Bachelor of Physical
Education degree from the University of British Columbia.
Dorothy accidently concentrated years of study as a patient in sports medicine
due to having been a competitive athlete and earning numerous sports
injuries. This personal rehabilitation education served her well when she became
a Personal Fitness Trainer in the 90’s – often using her great expertise
in injury recovery. At this point she began a deeper study of nutrition, and
through applying this knowledge to herself she suffered a serious outbreak
of incredibly good health. She quickly became a disciple of natural healing
and spent time in programs at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and the Optimum
Health Institute among others. Continuing her quest to heal old sports
injuries, she experienced everything from physical therapy, Homeopathy,
Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Rolfing, micro-current therapies, many bodywork
therapies, Yoga and Pilates to a variety of spiritual healing practices.
Dorothy has kept her sense of humor throughout everything and knows her
work is to lead other women to inner and outer fitness, and get back to having
fun in life.
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