David Smith, of Vancouver British Columbia, is a new best-selling author and evolving infopreneur. He specializes in helping people successfully reinvent themselves and make money online.
David’s passion is in helping you achieve your personal, financial and business goals.
His message is that it is never too late to reset your inner blueprint, integrate it with your outer activities in a congruent way and enjoy sustainable success while living your life fully. He speaks from his own ongoing experience.
David has spent many years in various management positions with several Canadian financial institutions with a particular focus on client service and sales. His experience includes financial analysis and consulting, both business and personal. He began his lengthy business career at five years of age selling stationery door to door.
Throughout his professional life, David has participated in countless self-development and business courses and seminars; his focus is on continuous improvement and profitable results. He approaches life and business with a sense of fun, adventure and humour.
His interests include cycling, skate-skiing, playing piano, meditation and reading.
David is happily married and has two children.

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