Carl A. Scalzo is the Chief Executive Officer of Online Computers
and Communications, LLC. Since founding the company in
2012, he has built a dedicated team of over 40 employees in two
locations. Carl is responsible for the management, development,
and strategic direction of the company’s technology systems
and functions, while maintaining a strong, personal relationship with his clients, as
well as his business partners and vendors.
Carl has more than 25 years of experience in strategic technology solutions for
business and organizations throughout New York and New Jersey. He specializes
in integrating the most advanced, secure, and reliable technology systems for his
During his career, Carl has gained experience working with multiple business
segments including health care facilities, schools, doctors’ offices, legal offices, and
Non-Profit organizations. His business reach extends through New York, New Jersey,
Maryland, and Washington, D.C.
For more than two decades, he has assisted his clients in understanding how
information technology can aid in furthering the success of their business. He has
a deep understanding of the importance of business continuity, and how to further
grow the success of a business or organization strictly through the use of technology.
With significant experience in financial fundraising software Blackbaud CRM, Carl
has been responsible for the management of information systems and consulting
services for many Non-Profit organizations. He was intimately involved in five of the
largest Blackbaud CRM implementations throughout the country, and has been the
Chair of the FTPI conference for the Federation system several times.
Carl is a regular presenter at conferences and trade shows. He has been featured in
Newspapers such as The New Jersey Jewish News, and has received mentions in a
number of volumes and other publications.