Brian weighed 487 pounds at his heaviest. He lost 300 pounds and is now a Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist. From 6 months old, doctors put him on a “diet” because of weight. After yo-yoing for decades, Brian finally figured out what worked for him and lost 300 pounds. He tried
surgery, but gained every ounce of weight back. Once he realized that the perfect mix for him was eating right, supplements, and exercise, his weight loss was unstoppable! Now he passes his knowledge on to anyone who wants it through his company “Train Me Brian”.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Brian has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds in the last few years. He not only trains people at his gym in Plano, Texas, he helps people all over the country lose weight and feel better than they ever have in their lives. By giving meal plans, supplementation, and exercise programs, he’s helped people in nearly every state in the country. He guarantees that if you follow his program completely, you will notice a significant change.

Now, Brian makes his clients promise to “Pass it on,” meaning they will find people where they live to help just like Brian did for them. He believes that one person can make a difference, but many can start a revolution in being healthy! Once this really gets going, Brian feels that the Untied States can become the healthiest country in the world!

Brian studied Sports Medicine at Texas State University. He also studied Radio/TV/ Film at the University of North Texas. He was a Radio Talk Show Host for 105.3 FM in Dallas, TX. Now as a Certified Personal Trainer, he’s been featured on Good Morning America, Good Morning Texas, USA Today, ABC News, The Huffington Post, KTCK 1310AM The Ticket, and 1080AM KRLD Radio sharing his knowledge on not only weight loss, but self confidence, nutrition, exercise, and overall health. Brian is also a national speaker and has spoken before crowds from 200 to 30,000 people! He wants every opportunity to spread his passion of being healthy to the entire world!