Bettina Viereck was born and again lives in Waldshut, a beautiful, small town in the South of Germany near the Swiss border. She studied Business Management with the main focus on International Marketing as well as Finance & Accounting, graduated in summer 1988 and worked for many years in various management functions in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Besides that she made a further education as Quality Assurance Manager at the German Society for Quality (DGQ) and helped several companies to build up, implement and certify simple and working Quality Systems based on the standard series DIN EN ISO 9000.

She has deep knowledge in connection with the overall analysis of companies, the work out as well as the implementation of necessary corrective actions for ensuring the long-term success of businesses. Bettina believes in lifelong education and permanently keeps her knowledge and expertise up-to-date. Her passion is helping other people to improve their lives and to achieve what they want to have, always based on the individual personal values.

She performs personal coachings on an overall basis which consider all areas of life always with the aim to enable her clients to create free, well-balanced and happy lives, discover their best selves and living their dreams. In addition she has developed several trainings on important business matters as well as personal growth such as time management, coping with stress, communication and presentation skills, organization of work, project management, setting and achievement of strategic and tactical goals and self-improvement.

Besides that she is engaged in the field of human rights based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations with special focus on the equality of all human beings and freedom of speech as well as religion.