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"4 Week 'Get Your Body Bikini Ready' Plan For Busy Moms" from Pat Rigsby - Total Value: $39.95

You know how you can't wait to read the latest cover model's fitness plan ~ excited to find out what she does so you can do it too and get the same results?!

Complete Fitness Results Fat Loss Success System from Steve Long - Total Value: $149.99

This Success System is our guide to you in your fitness and fat loss journey. We hope to cover every bit of information that we have covered with our long term members and we have compiled the most effective and useful information and tips here.

The 7 Day Eat More (not a diet) Diet and Access to over 40 training videos and programmes from John O'Connell - Total Value: $187.00


Nutrition Tip Guide that if followed will give you everything you need to know for a solid nutrition foundation!

Sam Feltham's Takeaway Nutrition from Sam Feltham (2 BONUSES!) - Total Value: 10.99 and 19.99

This "Template" is an easy to read and easy to follow nutrition plan, that allows you to never count calories again and drop a clothes size in 28 days. Alongside Sam's nutrition plan you also get his optimal health book, Health Plus, which clearly and concisely explains water, sleep, posture, breathing, stress, supplements and cleaning substances for optimal health."

Fitness and Weight Loss for Baby Boomer Women from Becky Williamson - Total Value: $9.99

In the Chapter I wrote for The Fit Formula, "Fitness and Weight Loss for Baby Boomer Women", I provided a sample workout that follows a system I recommend for my female clients over 40.This bonus booklet gives you photos of the sample superset workout to help you perform each exercise properly.

The Fat Loss Success Mindset - 8 ways to a Healthier Lifestyle from Dean Coulson - Total Value: 19.99

This book explains 8 ways on how to change the way you think to get you the healthy lifestyle you desire. You can have what you want, by following each step you will realise that anything is possible and you can take responsibility for you.

4-Week Program for Males and Females with a Training Log. Also Includes Cardio Conditioning program. From Tyler English - Total Value: $145.00

Great tools to help jump start your fitness program. Separate plans for men and women and also includes a Cardio Conditioning Program!

The Fat Loss "TO-DO-LIST" from Tyler English, NASM-PES, CPT

"Fat Loss is Easy, Once You Discover How Hard it is."

When getting started follow these guidelines, some will be required of you daily, while others may be a one shot deal.

Drop At Least 1 Clothing Size With the Easyfit Super-Fast Fat Loss System from Steve Butters - Total Value: 99.99

This will give you eveything you need from a nutrition point of view to literally blast body fat, FAST!

Plus, we give you a hotel workout that you can do on the road, just about anywhere. No excuse for not training if you are on holiday or away on business a lot and no access to the gym!!

Find out how and why your body fat levels are a direct result of your hormonal imbalance and what you can do to reduce body fat from specific areas of your body whislt increasing energy, improving sleep and generating fantastic levels of health.

12 Fat Blasting Meal Plans from Prograde Supplements and Dustin Williams

Meal planning for weight loss made easy with these done-for-you meal plans that will literally "blast the fat" off your body!